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Southern Indiana Development Commission


SIDC acts as the sponsoring agent for Ride Solution, a demand-based public transportation service operating in Daviess, Dubois, Gibson, Greene, Martin,  Perry, Pike, Spencer, Sulllivan, and Warrick Counties.  The majority of the rides are work related; however, rides are also given for school, preschool, adult day services, medical, shopping, socializing, and general errands.  

While SIDC acts as the sponsoring agency for Ride Solution, Four Rivers Resource Services (FRRS) acts as Lead Agency for the Service.  In this role, FRRS provides rides an contracts with other organizations to provide rides throughout the services area.

Ride Solution receives funding from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), acting as the pass through agency for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) 5311 Rural Transit Program and from the state funding program.  In addition, FRRS receives funding from counties where service is provided and from fare box collections.

For more information about how Ride Solution can help your community, please contact Becky Gutherie with Ride Solution at 812-257-0118.

Southern Indiana Development Commission is involved in three major transportation related programs.  Overviews of the Rural Planning Program, Non-State Owned Federal Aid Route Program and the 5311 Rural Transit Program are provided below.

SIDC is contracted with the Indiana Department of Transportation to conduct traffic counts in the five county area as part of the Rural Transportation Traffic Count program.  The goal of the program is to allow for additional community input on transportation needs as well as to collect information on transportation trends for a specific areas, allowing for better informed decisions for transportation projects in that area. Due to the amount of time each traffic counter must be in place to collect data, the logistics of the project are time consuming.  SIDC collected counts in Lawrence County in 2012, Martin County for the 2013, Daviess County in 2014, Greene County is 2015 and is currently conducting counts in Knox County for the 2016 Rural Transportation cycle.  SIDC is on its third county cycle in the region which will allow for a statistical representation of how traffic volumes change over a period of time.  SIDC will collect counts in Lawrence County in 2017, in Martin County 2018, Daviess County in 2019 and Greene County is 2020.


Traffic counts

Certified Counters

Setting counts

5311 Rural Transit Program

Rural Transporation Planning Program

Non-State Owned Federal Aid Route Program

SIDC contracted with INDOT in 2012 to collect traffic count data on non-state owned roads as part of the INDOT Coverage Count Program in Daviess, Greene, Knox, Lawrence, and Martin Counties.  SIDC will provide traffic counting activities required for planning and other state program activities.  Data collection will be used to develop vehicle miles traveled, annual average daily traffic, and other traffic related statistics.  SIDC conducted approximately 200 counts in Daviess, Lawrence, and Martin Counties on the initial three year contract, and is currently conducting counts in Knox County and Jackson County on a second contract with INDOT.  Greene and Knox counties have already been counted by INDOT for the current three year period.

Visit the State Route Traffic Count website to learn more information. For assistance or guidance, contact Matt Sward at (812)295-3707 or