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Southern Indiana Development Commission

Economic Development

SIDC works to provide communities with project development, grant writing, administrative, and technical service so that the communities can complete, receive, and administer grants. There are two major sources of funding for economic development grants. The sources are the EDA and the State of Indiana through CDBG.

The SIDC is accredited by the Economic Development Administration.

PUBLIC WORKS PROGRAM - The Public Works Program empowers distressed communities in economic decline to revitalize, expand, and upgrade their physical infrastructure to attract new industry, encourage business expansion, diversify local economies, and generate or retain longterm, private sector jobs and investment.

ECONOMIC ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM - The Economic Adjustment Program assists state and local interests design and implement strategies to adjust or bring about change to an economy. The program focuses on areas that have experienced or are under threat of serious structural damage to the underlying economic base.

RESEARCH AND NATIONAL TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - The Research and Technical Assistance Program aims to: develop a comprehensive base of information about economic development issues; disseminate information to local, state, and national economic development practitioners; and measure the performance of economic development programs.

PARTNERSHIP PLANNING FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DISTRICTS, INDIAN TRIBES, AND OTHER ELIGIBLE AREAS - Ongoing planning grant assistance provides support for the formulation and implementation of local economic development programs as well as strategies designed to create and retain permanent jobs and increase income for the unemployed and underemployed in areas of economic distress. Grants are intended to enhance economic development planning capability, support the formulation of development policies, and assist in building local institutional capacity.

PARTNERSHIP PLANNING FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DISTRICTS, INDIAN TRIBES, AND OTHER ELIGIBLE AREAS - Planning grants provide support for significant new economic development planning, policymaking and implementation efforts, and to establish comprehensive economic development planning processes cooperatively with the state, the state political subdivisions, and economic development districts.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LOCAL) - The Technical Assistance Program helps fill the knowledge and information gaps that may prevent leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors in distressed areas from making optimal decisions on local economic development issues.

UNIVERSITY CENTER PROGRAM - The University Center Program is a federal/academic partnership that makes resources at institutions of higher education available to the economic development community.

TRADE ADJUSTMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - EDA uses a national network of 12 Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers to help manufacturers and producers injured by increased imports prepare and implement strategies to guide their economic recovery.

MAKE IT IN AMERICA CHALLENGE- A national granting opportunity specific for encouraging foreign and domestic business to build and/or expand their operations in the United States; promoting the re-shoring of productive activity of U.S. Firms, the increase of direct foreign investments, the expansion of U.S. Business with the states, and the training of local labor to meet local business demands.

I6 CHALLENGE- A national granting opportunity designed to encourage new innovations and ideas for accelerating groundbreaking technologies and the commercialization of these technologies, fostering ventures opportunity, job creation, and new success in economic growth.  

Economic Development Administration (EDA)

State of Indiana

ENERGY - The Indiana Energy Group helps businesses throughout the state develop cleaner, more efficient processes. Through a series of grants and loans that encourage the preservation of Indiana's natural resources, the division helps companies save on energy costs.

INTERNATIONAL TRADE - The Office of International Development helps Indiana companies find new markets overseas through its 14 foreign trade offices. International Development also encourages businesses to visit those markets through its Trade Show Assistance Program, which helps companies attend international shows to promote their goods and form new partnerships.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING - The education and training program provides help to business and educational institutions.  For more information, go to the IEDC website.

OMBUDSMAN - The IEDC Regulatory Ombudsman serves as a liaison between companies, communities, local economic development organizations, and regulatory agencies. We can provide permit application assistance and tracking. We will also help establish early communications with the technical staff of the regulatory agencies to ensure that permits are efficiently processed. This service in an effort to minimize the amount of time spent on regulatory compliance.

    An online permit guide has been established at This guide provides the most accurate and current information available for permitting assistance. Acquire general information, obtain contact names and phone numbers connected to specific topics, and download permit applications from this site.

Examples of SIDC Projects


SIDC actively works with area organizations to improve economic development efforts.  An EDA public works project to provide new and improved water and sewer service to an industrial site in Knox County was completed in December 2014.  


The WestGate@Crane is a collaboration of three Certified Technology Parks in Daviess, Greene, and Martin Counties.  SIDC maintains a continuing effort with the three counties to improve services to the tech parks, including but not limited to a direct assistance with financial oversight and auditing as well as with direct support of the new West Gate Academy.


The Battery Innovation Center is a new high-tech “Proof of Concept” center development within the West Gate @ Crane that is designed to test new innovations in battery development, proof these new technologies for commercialization, and spark venture opportunities with partnering business and development groups for commercialization of the proofed products.  The Battery Innovation Center was awarded one of the seven I6 Challenge awards for 2012.  SIDC is providing administration assistance for this award, which will provide funding for personnel with critical expertise necessary for developing the center’s concept designs and proofing.

Battery Invocation Center